Does your steering wheel shake when you brake? Do your brakes make a grinding noise that you can feel in the pedal?
Brakes is the most important service you must take care of for your safety

Why choosing SuperFix rather than others?                                                       
1. Our products are all original equipment certified for trustworthy and confidence.
2. SuperFix team of qualified technicians are well trained by experts following strong and strict process for your peace of mind.

SuperFix team of professionals handle brake regular check-ups where a thorough inspection of brake components occurs ensuring best functionality and reducing future costly repairs.
Trust the expertise of SuperFix technicians to get your  brakes checked

Good to know:

  • Brake warning signs are essential, those include noise, steering wheels vibration and car pulling to a side upon braking; those signs almost always indicate brakes wear-out and sometimes malfunctioning hydraulic component and bad brake performance.
  • It is important not to ignore the previous signs and immediately seek SuperFix team assistance